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Halogen Bulbs
Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs:  Are typically an ideal light bulb for many applications that require a great amount of lumens output as well as degree spread. They are available in many different sizes, kelvin temperature, degree spread, and voltages. The halogen bulbs have always been considered to be versatile and are used in commercial, residential, medical, and many other important facilities.

High Intensity Discharge Lightbulbs
High Intensity Discharge Lightbulbs

Metal Halide Bulbs:  HID, (High Intensity Discharge bulbs) are extremely bright and have an impressive lumen output. They are utilized mostly for commercial, warehouse, parking lot, gas canopies, and even automobile lighting. As compared to halogens, all HID bulbs typically are not energy efficient since their primary objective is to illuminate areas as much and safe as possible.

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs

LED BULBS:  Light-Emitting Diode is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. The evolution of light has come down to this state of the art light, LED's are integrated in Televisions, mobile phones, billboard signs, street lights, and now in your home. No mercury build up, no slow start for maximum lighting, extremely low heat output, and utilizes 80 percent less energy than your conventional incandescent bulb!

Incandescent Bulbs
Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs, are the original of originals, with it's patent debut in 1879, its no wonder many prefer to stick with ol' faithful. Its ability to be compatible with photocells, dimmers, and timing devices, makes itself a very reliable source of light. The incandescent bulb  which provide most home lighting, are used in products from nightlights to floodlights, they come in all sorts of sizes, voltage, and wattages.

Fluorescent bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs

Since its creation in 1976, the spiral CFL was a successful light bulb replacement for many Incandescent bulbs. With its color availability and impressive energy savings, it became a no brainer for many who needed a much cooler, brighter light bulb. There are two types of CFL; integrated and non integrated. This includes both screw base and bi-pin ends for linear fluorescent.

Nostalgic Bulbs
Nostalgic Bulbs

These antique filament (Edison light bulbs) all tungsten base, which produce a very warm, accent light as well as the intricate style of filaments within the glass.

We stock all sorts of sylvania or Osram light bulbs.
We carry many lightbulbs by Ushio.
We stock over hundreds of Westinghouse bulbs in our store
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